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Got into an Accident? You Should Read This!

One of the costliest thing of all personal injuries that occur to an individual would be the ones that result from an automobile accident. Depending on the circumstances that surround the accident and the types of injuries are caused, it can be potentially life threatening to the person who was injured. Unfortunately, some of these injuries can mask or they could even aggravate a previous condition to the point that it could possibly be extremely serious.

This is why it is imperative that if you are involved in an automobile accident, you should always seek medical treatment immediately. With most auto insurance policy, you are entitled to receive medical treatment at NO cost, even if you’re at fault. Besides getting examined and treatment, seeing an injury doctor immediate could be very beneficial for your insurance claim. We came up with a list of our top five reasons why we think you should seek medical treatment immediately.

Five Reasons You Should Seek Immediate Treatment after an auto injury

  1. Discovery of possible life threatening condition
    • Informational - Broken Bone - Health Plus Chiropractic & AcupunctureThe trauma caused by even the most minor of automobile accidents can be noticeable or they could be relatively minor in nature and you might be tempted to avoid the hassle of going to the ER right away. However, some life threatening injuries might not show up right away and you could be making a huge mistake by not seeking treatment right away.
  2. Unseen illness/injury
    • Radiating pain into your arms or legs? Whiplash? How do you know if you have disc herniation/protrusion after auto injury? With appropriate referral for diagnostic imaging of CT scan or MRI, we can help discover the problem early and fix it early. If untreated, they could get worse and cause chronic pain.
  3. Possible aggravation of previous illness/injury
    • Informational - Herniated Disc - Health Plus Chiropractic & AcupunctureThe way the body reacts to the trauma caused by a car accident is nothing to mess around with. If you already have any current or previous medical conditions that could be aggravated by the accident you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to get treatment in case it becomes a life threatening situation.
  4. Best way to document the injury
    • The best way to ensure that all of your costs and injuries are fully taken care of is by seeking medical treatment right away. The insurance company and your employer will definitely require documentation in a timely manner in order to consider your claim for reimbursement for medical bills, lost wages, rental cars and a number of other expenses. If you waited too long to get treatment, insurance company can deny your benefits.
  5. Improve your position on a claim
    • Informational - Files at Court - Health Plus Chiropractic & AcupunctureSeeking treatment immediately starts the clock and all documentation will have the dates and times of the accident and when you first sought treatment. These dates and times are extremely important when it comes to insurance claims. The insurance adjuster will be looking to ensure that the injuries and losses were, in fact, consistent with the accident and that they were likely caused or incurred as the result of the claimed accident. Don’t give insurance company any reasons to deny your benefits.

So, what do you think? Don’t wait.

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